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About Makeeco

Hi and Welcome!

I am Eliane, founder and owner of Makeeco.

Makeeco was born out of a need to steer myself out of an unfulfilling career towards something that speaks more to my heart and my ethics. During the pandemic, stuck in lock down and finding my work completely disappear, I saw an opportunity to change the way I worked. 


I set up Makeeco from a wish to work in a more ethical, sustainable and eco conscious way. I care deeply about nature and the environment and being a dog owner myself, I noticed how difficult it was to find genuinely environmentally safe pet products. 


I am a very creative person and love to experiment and try out new skills so I started playing around for fun at home and researching ways to create sustainable collars, leads and toys that are at the same time, beautifully crafted, safe for our pets and high quality.


After much trial and error and product testing, coupled with my adoration of animals, particularly dogs and cats, I discovered new skills and ways to make my dream of a small eco business become a reality.

I hand-make every piece in my tiny studio at home in the Wicklow countryside with the company of my beautiful muse, Cookie, a short haired border collie who lies beside me as I make and occasionally reminds me to take a break!

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