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Our chain leads are ideal for the lead chewers or extra strong pullers in your four legged family! We have combined our beautiful soft and durable woven handles with a robust, strong steel chain lead that is resistant to sharp teeth! 


They come in 2 weights: the lighter, with a 2mm gauge chain and a breaking load of 80kg is ideal for puppies and smaller dogs.


The heavier chain has a 3mm guage chain and a breaking load of 280kg making is the strongest lead we have to offer and perfect for very strong dogs.


Each one of our dog leads are lovingly handmade using eco-friendly, sustainable materials. They are made with a unique plaited technique that results in a strong, durable and beautiful design which is comfortable to hold in the hand.


Every lead is made from 100% Organic Cotton cord and strong metal fastenings, giving you an attractive earth friendly alternative to conventional leads made from synthetic fibres.



Materials – 100% Organic Cotton Cord

End of life options – Compostable and landfill-safe



Materials - Chrome plated Steel

End of life options – Recyclable and Reuseable



Avoid soaking the chain part of the lead as it will rust. When washing, only wet the handle.


Light soiling: spot clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. For light dry mud use a soft brush to gently clean off.


Heavy Soiling: Soak in soapy water for up to 30mins. Gently clean with hands, cloth or soft brush. Rinse with running cold water, pat excess water with a towel, paying extra attention to the metal hardware. Dry away from high heat. 


Exposure to Salt Water: Rinse well with running cold water, pat excess water with a towel, paying extra attention to the metal hardware. Dry away from high heat.



Eco friendly and 100% Plastic Free

Chain Lead

PriceFrom €15.00
  • Regular Chain Lead - 240g

    Light/Puppy Chain Lead - 120g

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