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Small cat toy made of natural hemp rope, with a metal rattle inside.

This fun ball will give you and your cat hours of play. Throw and slide it along the floor and watch your kitty scamper after it.


Your cat can safely bite and chew as it's made from Natural Hemp Rope which is an ecological and biodegradable material. It has a lovely natural appearance and an earthy smell which cats love. It is naturally pesticide-free and the short fibers are easy and safe to digest if swallowed.

Hemp toys are strong, durable, long lasting and natural - a great and safe alternative to the conventional plastic chew toys available.


Please remember that you are responsible for the safety of your cat! Do not leave the toy unattended. If the ball tears and the bell comes out please remove it to prevent from swallowing.

Hemp Rattle Ball

  • 4cm x 4cm


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